Could I be a cardmaking superstar?!

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I thought I would try my hand at entering a contest to create something unique and creative while using the My Favorite Things products I had on hand. I wanted my kittycat to be looking out the window, and dreaming about what it would see on the other side.



So to start, I chose the papers that I thought would make the inside of the house look like wallpaper, and the outside of the house look like wood, or siding. I cut out the window on both pieces of patterned paper being careful that it lined up. I cut the window trim from white cardstock, and I cut out the curtains from some pretty patterned paper as well. I used spray adhesive to adhere all these smaller pieces together such as the windows, because of the thin middle.






Once the front side was glued on, the back patterned paper was attached, and this was the view, where you can see the curtains through the window.


Another window panel for the outside was cut out, and the shutters would be placed on either side in white as well.



To create my “dream” for the kitty cat on the inside of the card, I created a stencil of clouds, which I used as a guide for my distress inks. I used tumbled glass, and picked raspberry as lightly as possible just to create the look of clouds and depth to the card.


I cut out all of my magical elements from my Unicorns stamp set, and I coloured them all in using a Hobby Colour markers. I also cut out a kitty who will be peering through the window, and coloured him with the same markers.


Once i got to this point, i was pretty please with myself, except that I now realized I had no way to attach the card base. So I had to detach one side of the two papers to allow a card to slide between them. At this point I had decided this would be cool to be a tri-folding card. I wanted it to be a pop up card at first, but in the end it just didn’t all go together as well as I had hoped.

The additional cardstock I added was the size of a usual card base at 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Once this was glued to my card front, I carefully measured where I would be scoring the new piece in order for the card to be as even as possible.


Next I just had to rearrange my dream sequence onto the page, and I used some of the bigger objects to cover up some of my ink blending mistakes. You can also see the kitty through the window peering out into what he is dreaming of!


A few sequins and final touches were added to the card. Since I had to peel back my two papers on my card front at the beginning of this process, the paper looked a little bit distorted, and I used some glitter tape to cover that up.


Isn’t this card just the sweetest little thing? Here is a final shot of the inside as well.


Thanks for checking out my card! I am so proud of it! Do you think I have what it takes to make the top ten in the challenge?!

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