How I have missed crafting!

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Wow.. It has been so long since I have crafted something nice! I took some time off for a few months but now I’m back! I have been busy with a few cards this past week and I have come here to share them with you!

This card is so incredibly pink! It was made to celebrate someones birthday.. and they just so happened to LOVE pink, and sparkles! These two things might also be my favourite things as well! I wanted to create an ombre effect with the sequins going from dark to light. I didn’t have a 5-0 die cut so I just printed large numbers out and traced them onto my pink sparkly paper and then cut it out by hand.

I really hope the recipient enjoyed their card, and their 50th birthday party!


Thank you for visiting and checking out my creations! Hopefully it doesn’t take me 3 months to write another post.


This card has been entered into the camp create ombre challenge!

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