My second creation for the MFT Cardmaking superstar!

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This card is a creation made for the My Favorite Things Cardmaking superstar contest! The TOP TEN win a $250 gift card to MFT Stamps!! This is huge!!! I would love to win this soooo much, especially because I am getting tired of these cats and magical unicorn cards!




Both my kitty and my mouse slide along as the cat is chasing the ball of yarn which is hanging from the mouses’ tail. (You can’t see the string very well). The mouse slider was easily hidden behind the wall shelf, but the cat slider I had a hard time hiding. I don’t own the MFT Slider die cuts (which would be something I would purchase if I won top 10)! so I had to use a craft knife, and the cut doesn’t really look all that good (I wish I could have hidden it).

So to start off here, I cut out all my shapes I thought I was going to use. I obviously cut out a lot more than I had used on the final card. You never know where your creativity will take you. The black spaces are where I line up my stamps.

MISTI cheat 1

I slide each stamp around until I know where the edge is, and find the center.

MISTI stamp cheat 2

Once my stamps are lined up, I close the MISTI down, and pick up the stamps! I also place my die cut pieces back into the spaces on my page.

MISTI cheat 3

I used Memento Black ink to stamp my cats. Using this technique with the MISTI I find much easier, since lining it up on the already die cut image I always end up off too much to one side!

MISTI cheat 4

To make my first slider piece, I am using a hole punch since I do not have a die cut to easily create one (that is on the shopping list if I win)!


I am cutting two holes parallel to each other, and centered near the top. This is where I will have my shelf covering up this slider slot.


This is how that looks finished.


Using my craft knife, I am going to be connecting these two holes.


Once my slider hole was created, I needed to make my mouse a little bit higher than the shelf, which would be used to cover up the slider slot. I glued the mouse onto another piece of cardstock.


Here is the mouse and shelf all coloured and placed where I would like them. In order to make the mouse move back and forth, there were two foam squares sandwiched between the mouse and a dime.


Here is the back, where you see the dime. This makes the mouse slide easily.


The ball of yarn, I felt needed a bit more to make it actually look like yarn, so I strung some thread around it, and thought how cute it would be to have the mouse dragging the yarn around for the cat to chase!


This is that top portion all finished!


I had to also create a slider slot in the bottom of my card, for the cat to be able to move back and forth. I used the same technique with the hole punch.


I sandwiched some foam squares behind the cat, and in front of the dime, and then mounted the bottom panel with some adhesive foam. The foam keeps it off the card base, and allows it to slide around.


This is what the card looked like before the stamping of the sentiments!


And again here is my finished card!


Thanks for coming to see my fun card! Wish me luck!

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